Do you know how many years it has been since a hashtag (#) came to existence? More than 10 years. Chris Messina, a former Google and Uber designer used it on August 23,2007.

Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!
Content Not Trending? Rock it With Hashtags


So, what’s exactly a hashtag?

Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!
Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!

Hashtags are one of the most powerful & popular methods used in online communication. Originated from Twitter, hashtag was used to group and categorize tweets, and today it has become the language of the digital age.

Though creating hashtags is not a rocket science, developing ones that trend is an art! It must grab attention and have people follow the hashtag.

Here are some tips for writing Hashtags that starts a trend:

Words – Creating a tag that is relevant and choosing topic that can foster discussion will make the topic trending. You should be able to choose the right content to present details while engaging consistently in providing updates.

Eg: #Doggies v/s #SaveDogs

Which tagline do you think is an effective one? Clearly the one saying #Save Dogs. It has a purpose in the hashtag and clearly says the intent of creating that hashtag.

2.Caption – Writing hashtags with simple words that can connect with the audience will be of great benefit. Words must be simple, remembered easily and of course self-explanatory. Catchy and meaningful hashtags can be trending.

Eg: #LO’sMemorDayIneffaceable v/s #1stBirthdayMemories

#1stBirthdayMemories is simple and establishes the fact that you are creating this hashtag to capture memories of your baby’s first birthday. You wouldn’t want to go around looking for meaning of a word in a hashtag that you don’t understand.

3.Regular updates – Updating hashtags on a regular basis will help in the hashtag trending well. Content in writing hashtags needs to be unique and you need to provide all the latest information about that topic / event / or activity.

4.Network –Tag people or groups who have similar interests as yours. Writing hashtag to promote similar interests will make the hashtag trending for the right reasons. Your emotions need to be rightly understood by your followers and this can happen only with like-minded people.

5.Communicate – Writing hashtags is only the 1st However, it is important to stay active to be trending. As mentioned earlier, provide updates and answer relevant questions. Effective communication will help in greater participation from people who are following your hashtag.

6. Punctuations – Do not use punctuation or space while writing hashtags. It will create errors and hence needs to be avoided. It certainly will not be on the trending list.

7.Hashtags-How much is too much – Every social networking platform has a different number of hashtags that is optimal and can be used to drive engagement.


Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!
Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!

 8.Length of tag – Long hashtags are a big “NO!NO!” and can be quite annoying for the readers.

Here’s an example of a long hashtag which absolutely did not catch many people’s attention.

Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!

Source: https://www.rivaliq.com/blog/top-10-hashtag-best-practices/

9.Already existing tag–You can be unique and creative. You don’t want to be the one taking somebody else’s hashtag and riding on it. Refrain from using an already existing hashtag. So put your thinking cap on and come up with something different and catchy. Writing hashtags can be fun!

Hashtags have indeed connected people and helped address causes all over the world. It’s interesting how a small symbol in before a word can make a world of difference.

What’s interesting about writing hashtags is the fact that it varies on every platform. Writing hashtags on Facebook is entirely different from writing hashtags on twitter or for that matter any other social networking forum. Let’s dive a little more deep and understand that better.

Here’s a quick comparison on how writing hashtags on each platform varies.

Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!
Writing Hashtags that Starts Trending!

With millions of hashtags floating around the world and twitter alone having 125 million Hashtags shared everyday as on August 2017, it is a hashtag world we are living in.

Hashtags are clearly making a big social marketing and content marketing impact. The # (hash) symbol has now become a powerful tool to bring awareness, make a change and influence society in the right way for the right reasons. Using them wisely is key to the effectiveness of your tag. Creating hashtags and sharing it amongst your network is an impacting activity. Make the most out of them using the above tips to make your hashtag trending!

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