wix to create your website

Your website is the space where you can merge technical details with your imagination and creativity. No matter whether you own a business or run your personal blog, a high-end website can draw attention and traffic to your activities.

Bring your vision and ideas to life with Wix’s incredible website building tools. With Wix, you have the freedom to create your own websites – from conception to design.

Why Choose Wix To Create Your Website?

Wix allows you to customise your website to showcase all that you want to draw attention to. All you need to do is pick a template and fill in a few queries. The platform will do the work for you and create a stunning website in no time.

Wix to create your website

With Wix, you can also decide what the mobile view of your website should look like. This is an important improvement since a proverbial number of your followers would access your website through mobile devices.

The platform also allows for Search Engine Optimization, so that your website shows up on the forefront in every relevant search. It is definitely one of the most useful website building tools that you will find in the market today.

Features That Make Wix So Awesome!

  • Total designer freedom:

Select a template of your choice from the 500+ templates available on the platform – Wix allows you to change and personalize anything. A simple drag and drop action is all it will take to create your own professional, stunning website.

On Wix, you can even choose a personalized domain to match your brand.

  • Hire a partner:

Need some ideas and help to get started with your first website creation? Well, you can even hire a Wix partner to help you out. There are hundreds of expert web designers and you can choose to work with anyone.

Wix to create your website
  • Artificial Design Intelligence:

Maybe you’re not sure about how to go about building your website, but you certainly have a vision for it. Wix’s ADI system will require you to answer a few questions- and voila! Your customized website will be ready in moments. This includes customized templates and fonts- all selected with utmost care to suit your preferences.

Wix to create your website
  • Corvid by Wix

Designing a website isn’t enough- you need to take care of coding and building web applications as well. Again, you can trust Wix to pull you through here as well! The Corvid system allows you to build web applications without specific servers, as well as complete your coding without any trouble.

Wix to create your website
  • Wix logo maker

Now, feel exasperated no more in trying to think of a logo for your brand. Use the Wix logo maker to create your brand icon in no time at all! Just answer a few questions to help Wix understand all about your brand, and get the best design ever.

Wix to create your website
  • Wix filters

Wix has taken the flexibility aspect to another level with its highly scalable searching filters. This makes your website highly user-friendly and provides easy search to visitors and locate the content that they exactly need. This degree of customization is what really makes Wix different from all other website builders.

  • Email hosting with Wix

Wix offers professional mailbox hosting with G Suite from Google’s cloud platform. This is the ultimate way to add an entirely professional touch, with your own business website and your own business email address with your chosen domain name.

For that, you would just need to go for a premium Wix subscription plan that suits you best and configure your domain and website together. You need to purchase a mailbox separately (you can buy as many mailboxes as you wish to) and select a subscription plan to complete the process. 

Wix vs. WordPress

Wix and WordPress are both very popular and excellent platforms. However, they are essentially quite different. While Wix provides all-round website building facilities, WordPress is a self-hosted platform for content management.

To choose between these two, here is a quick comparison to help you out.

  • Ease of use – Wix offers readymade modules using which you can start building your website, while you need to create your website from scratch in WordPress. While it is good to have some coding knowledge to create a website using WordPress, you can use the simple drag-and-drop dashboard and design assistant on Wix to create your website in a jiffy!
  • Features offered – There are various useful features available on Wix, like highly customizable design templates, inbuilt security features and more that help you create websites like a pro. On the other hand, WordPress is more suited for designing complex websites. You have to find hosting for your site, install plugins, execute updates, etc.

Wix vs. Gator By Hostgator

Today, Wix and Hostgator are two of the most sought-after names for website building and hosting solutions.

However, in Wix, along with easy website-building features, you can also find all the regular features offered by a web hosting company; including SEO features and SSL certificates. Interestingly, Hostgator, one of the leading website hosting service providers, also offers website building capabilities through its Gator module.

But, when it comes to comparison, Wix offers far more dynamic components in its websites than Gator, and its templates are more stylish. Plus, Wix offers very affordable pricing plans for first-time website builders than Gator.

What can you do with Wix?

The question is – what can’t you do?

Over 150 million people in the world have found their favorite website building systems in Wix because it allows you to customize practically anything. From designing blogs to creating logos for your brand – Wix allows you to do it all.

You can even choose from different subscription plans on Wix and create a powerful online store to get your business up and running.

With Wix, then, you’re not limited to a simple website designer – you will gain access to a lot more than that. You can build relationships with customers and accept payments from your website as well. The excellent customer support system is with you on every step of the way.

So get started today with building your dream website, with Wix’s professional website building tools.

Wix Pros and Cons

1.Build your business website quickly, and for free 1. Does not support very large and complex websites
2. Simple and intuitive interface that can be used by everyone
2. Not the ideal platform for growing website organically
3. Stylish, premium templates that are ready to use and can be customized to suit diverse needs 3. Website data export from Wix is not yet implemented
4. Build websites for mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops
5. Domain and web hosting available while creating a website
6. Compatible with your already existing domain
7. Provides SEO, email marketing, email hosting and other services
9. Offers guidance with Wix design helpers
10. Round the clock customer support services available

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