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With the rising power of Social media, one thing has been proven time and again that Social media is here to stay. It has already captured 85% of the online market (if not 100) and has the entire marketing based industry within its grip. It serves as a huge platform that gives unfathomable exposure to a business and is capable of pushing it up the sales ladder.

It is very important to be on the top of the game, with engaging social media content marketing, and hence it’s binding to know about these absolutely essential social media content tips.

1 Post relevantly:

If you want to create an important social media presence, then you must definitely have wondered about what makes good social media content, or more importantly, how to create engaging content on social media?

Post relevantly
Post relevantly

Well, one golden rule is to know when to post, what to post and also what not to post. You must know your audience and have a scheduled time when you post your content; the optimal time when most of your target audiences are up and running.

Space out all that you have planned to post, throughout the day. If you stuff everything together, it might actually repel quality audiences.  For example, it might be ideal to post twice a day with a gap of 12 hours. Another thing is to create an illusion of a common theme relevant to your post that actually helps bind all your post into a common thread, and makes your page a lot more attractive.

2 Convert a normal blog post into a video:

Marketing experts believe that it is improper to bind social media just along the boundaries of a script; it is rather much more engaging to tell a story, through a series of scenes composed of new tools and designs, than a simple story with a hilarious ending. Those days are far behind in the past and people look for unique content even if they are spending two minutes on it.

Converting an effective and interesting blog into a basic video or GIF using simple software, is bound to be several times more engaging than the normal post.

3 Develop a new partnership:

A lot more homework goes into this but this is probably the most effective way to spread your name in the good part of the market. We don’t care much about the floating customers, all we care about are the loyal customers you have.

You can do research about a popular brand that shares a common theme with you, or is in-line with your services and products. You can then collaborate with the brand for a mutually beneficial liaison using social media. For, this kind of partnership  not only gives you an opportunity to interact with new people with similar interests, but is also beneficial for that brand as it gets engaging content.

4 Conduct polls and contests:

Conduct polls and contests
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An excellent way of keeping your audience engaged and glued to your pages and one of tested social media content writing rules is conducting active contests. You can conduct polls on popular opinions on simple things like coffee or tea; action or comedy; or whatever else is in line with your brand.

This is a measure of the engagement of your page and is often used up by marketing teams for analysis purposes, but also creates a presence among the audiences and they remember what you do and what you promote for a longer time; until your next post that is.

5 Value user-generated content:

Put up contents curated by your users and put them up as new posts, of course with due credits to the creator! You can create a campaign asking people to send in entries, and later uploading the best among all.

This creates a sense of competition among the users and a sense of fulfillment once somebody has won. Obviously, the videos or posts won’t be much polished but this will increase your consumer engagement to new levels.

6 Put up photos that speak a lot:

Putting up self-explanatory photos that might or might not need a caption is very much a rule that must be followed at all times.But mind you, these photos require a witty approach and must promote your brand theme.

As your content is shared by people all around, your credibility will not be the only selling factor; you will bank in on your witty and light-hearted approach as well. This will make a lot of other people take serious note of your brand.

7 Put yourself on LIVE:

Put yourself on LIVEThis is another tried and tested formula. It has been found that raw social media content 2019,like unedited LIVE videos (you could also plan a little) of your crew or behind-the-scenes fun, or an interview of a user generates much higher views than a regular normal update. 

Creating engaging social media content is no-doubt a crucial part and you must ace it in order to succeed.

Author: Team C4B

For the C4b content writing team, creating content is the easiest job. It is only after creating the content that the grilling really starts. Verified thoroughly with latest facts, revisions that go up to four rounds, and editors that are just not happy with anything mediocre. What our team puts forward is a result of immense hard work behind every word. Do let us know if you liked it.

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