Best SEO Writing Tips

Best SEO Writing Tips 

Every content writer’s first priority is to engage his or her reader. The second priority is to make the content effective for Search Engine Optimization  (SEO). Did you know good content can be written in a way to optimise SEO? Learn the best writing tips that helps in doing effective SEO. After quality, a writer’s focus should be to make the content effective for Search Engine. Without effective SEO, your content will never make it to the first, second or even third page.

1.Maintain Focus On The Audience

Make sure your content appeals to your target audience and provides solutions to their queries. You want to hook your audience with informative, authoritative and good content.

2.Make Your Headlines Count

An effective headline can be a powerful tool. Make them clear, intriguing and always infuse them with rich keywords. Add meta descriptions that are interesting and add something further to your content. It’s your headline and your meta description that shows up in search results, so squeeze the mileage out of them.

3.Infuse Your Content With Rich Keywords

Create a set of keyword-rich phrases for your content based on the topic. Include them in the following places:

  • The title, headers and subheadings
  • In the first sentence of your content, in bold. Bolding it gives Google more reason to check it out.
  • In every second paragraph, if possible, or at every 125-150 words.
  • In your post’s last sentence just as you included it in your first sentence.

Don’t use your keyword phrase too many times as this can be detrimental. Make your keyword phrase clickable link, to get more points from Google.Perform proper keyword research and create a set of keyword-rich phrases for your content based on the topic.

4.Include Italics Into Your SEO Strategy


Best SEO Writing Tips

Along with injecting keyword phrases every 150 words, make sure you highlight the phrase at least once in Bold.This helps when Google scans your article, anything in Bold is given special note. Don’t do it more than once, though.

5.Use Clever Linking

Include links to your other articles at the bottom of your post if you’re writing a series. Or, if you’ve got an article that you want people to read before they read your present one, place the clickable link at the start of the post. Place links for authorities references where required, but only if it’s absolutely required.

6.Order Your Post So It Can Be Easily Read

Make sure your content’s format is organized and efficient. Break it up with small paragraphs with suitable subheadings to make it easy to read. Information in small chunks will make it easier for your readers to consume the content. If you’re posting the content, make sure you tag the headlines in the hierarchical order – H1, H2, and H3 and so on. If your first sentence is in the form of a question, it creates a greater impact and gets your audience’s curiosity buzzing.

7.Jazz It Up With Pictures

Source the jazziest images to pop your content. Let your content come alive with color and interest, but make sure that the pictures are free to use. Create a Pinterest account so that you can pin the images you use, creating another traffic stream for your website. Make sure you use the Alt Text option so that when Google scans your article, it is able to catalogue the images, by using the alt text description.


Here’s the thing about writing SEO-effective content. The content and the SEO – both are prime components of the puzzle. Even as you use sophisticated techniques to ensure greater clicks for your site, you must ensure that your content is satisfying your audience’s needs. Do it right and you will reap the benefits of SEO done right – presence in the first page of search results permanently.

Author: Team C4B

For the C4b content writing team, creating content is the easiest job. It is only after creating the content that the grilling really starts. Verified thoroughly with latest facts, revisions that go up to four rounds, and editors that are just not happy with anything mediocre. What our team puts forward is a result of immense hard work behind every word. Do let us know if you liked it.

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