10 Best SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners [A Basic Guide]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has become the buzz word in the world of online marketing over the last few years. Marketers aim to make SEO and content strategy work hand-in-glove to drive traffic to their website. In-fact, Google has stated that ‘content’ is among its top three ranking factors.  Good SEO content writing is of paramount importance to gain traction to your website.

So, What exactly is SEO Content Writing?

SEO content writing aims at including a set of highly searched keywords or phrases in your content to ensure that the website ranks high up when such a keyword or phrase is searched. Here’ an example to understand the concept of SEO content writing better-

Imagine you wrote an engaging and insightful content piece on the latest technological trends of 2018. But how others on the internet would know that there’s a relevant content available to read? This is where keywords come into picture. You need to incorporate frequently searched keywords related to your topic in your content piece. This prompts search engine to pick up your content every time someone searches that keyword.

Quality content often translates into higher revenues for online businesses. Here are 10 basic rules of content writing that will enhance your SEO efforts:

10 Best SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners:

SEO content writing tips


The quality of your content solely depends on the research that you have done in the relevant area and how deep you have dived into that topic. If you use any statistics or content verbatim from the researched material, please do so by mentioning the source from which you are borrowing that information. Remember, you are creating a backlink there and that is extremely useful in SEO. Staying on research mode will help you produce quality content.


As rightly mentioned by Bill Gates, “Content is King”. Your content has to be authentic and exceedingly informative. There is no point in copy pasting content and hoping to get higher clicks to your website. Research abundantly and add your own flavors to the content to give readers that extra punch. Duplicate content won’t help you rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Avoid repetitive words and do not deviate from the topic. Give your grey cells some exercise in coming up with some innovative ideas on presenting the content that will definitely help in SEO. If you find it hard to come up with new content ideas, here are 21 quick ways to find inspiration for your next topic.


What really will prompt someone to click on a link is the title / headline of your content. Make sure you have a headline that instantly catches your audience’s attention. Using strong keywords in your headline will help in your website starring right on top of the search engine. Who really sees what is displayed on page 4 of your search. What really matters is what’s on page 1.

Let’s take a comparison of a good and bad headline:


5 Tips to Increase organic Traffic to Your Website.


The Ultimate Strategy for Driving Organic Traffic without Ranking in Google’s top 10

Source: https://seopressor.com/blog/seo-copywriting-complete-guide-for-beginners/

Don’t you think the headline in example #2 sounds better? The choice of words made the headline sound much more appealing to click on because it focuses on the problem area.


Even if your content is good, if it’s not structured properly it will disappoint your readers. Stick to one topic at a time and tell the story to your readers. Story Telling is a powerful tool to communication. Read, re-read and edit your content till it hits the mark. A clear structure with headings and paragraphs facilitate reading and are preferred both from a user perspective and also from a search perspective.


Keywords are of supreme importance in the world of SEO. To keep things in check, here is a keyword density formula that may help you:

                                                              SEO content writing tips

Example – Let’s say you would like to achieve keyword density of 2% in your article of 1000 words.   Then, your keyword needs to appear at least twice for every 100 words (2 out of 100 words).

                 Source: https://seopressor.com/blog/seo-copywriting-complete-guide-for-beginners/ 

There are various other tools that you can use to maintain a healthy website.

For instance-LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords,Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword Planner, Semrush,etc.


The content you put on a website must use simple language, without any grammatical errors and must be well structured. What you need to keep in mind mainly are: sentence length, number of syllables per word, frequency of passive voice, and representation of content. Your content should be good and unique so that it connect and engage the reader.

For example:

SEO Content writing tips

                 Source: https://seopressor.com/blog/seo-copywriting-complete-guide-for-beginners/

You sure are thinking, “Of course the one on the right!”Exactly! Visuals and colors tend to leave us a better impression than words


High Quality Backlinks are one of the key factors for success of SEO. Linking to your own articles or website in your post ensures a link back to your website if your article is picked up by another site. Creating great content helps increase the chances of your content being shared and the likelihood that other websites will link to it, so aim for quality! You can know more about back links by clicking on this link.


The brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than text. You may write content for articles, blogs, social media posts, etc. Using the right means of communication will help in connecting with the audience and driving traffic to your site.


SEO Content writing tips

                   Source: https://seopressor.com/blog/seo-copywriting-complete-guide-for-beginners/


Specify what is it that you want your readers to do? What is the take away from the content that they are viewing? Help them recall everything that you have spoken about and give a quick summary of your final thoughts or opinion. Leave the audience thinking about what you have conveyed through your content.


Google Analytics is an easy and free way to track your page views and the average time spent on a page. You can also take a look at the number of social interactions (shares, likes, comments, etc ) to get an idea of people’s reactions to your content. Look at your content strategy and see if you are on track. If not, re-look at your plan, revise and implement changes.

SEO content writing is content writing where pages are created keeping in mind SEO algorithms. SEO friendly pages gets placed easily on search engine results pages. Content is ‘King’ and your web content is like an ambassador for your company.

You might want to look at a website content writing sample now, and see if it has covered most of the content writing rules mentioned above, if not all. So here’s one:

SEO content writing tips 


There is a plethora of information on content writing that is available on the internet. You have multiple content writing tutorial pdf, and content writing guide pdf that will help you in gathering a strong understanding in SEO content writing.

for your reference:


With the rapidly changing internet landscape, and Google rolling out hundreds of algorithm changes on a yearly basis, there has been a major paradigm shift in the way we deal with our customers.

The key is to maintain the right keyword density

SEO content writing tips

Keyword density is an important feature of SEO. Though Google keeps changing the rules about keywords, keyword density will always be relevant.  

Earlier when search engines had just begun their work, they found articles with maximum keywords the best. Thus, the trend then was to stuff articles with keywords, so much so that, sometimes the phrases and words used were neither grammatically correct nor was there any order.

Today, it is not about the overuse of keywords but using them in a natural way so as not to obstruct the meaning or flow of the sentence.

Thus, if you are writing a 1000 word article, first you should calculate the right keyword density using the above formula. Generally, today, the accepted keyword density is around 2%-4%. You should then try to include the keywords in the article in such a way that they become a part of the article effortlessly. This will help you create content that is not only rich in quality but also search-engine friendly as well.

What makes Keyword density a must check

The importance of keyword density can be summarized just in one sentence – search engines care about it.  

It is important for the main words relevant to the article appear multiple times. It is the way search engines get to know what the page is about. At the same time, if your keyword percentage goes overboard, these same engines will find your article below their quality standards and ignore it. Hence, the tip is to use keywords wisely and strategically in your article to rank effectively on SERP.

The best way to ensure the right keyword density is by using both short-tail keywords (one or two words) and long-tail keywords (phrases or even sentences).

For example, for an article on ‘Healthy Pregnancy’, short-tail keywords could be pregnancy diet, pregnancy exercises, etc. Long-tail keywords could be ‘the diet for healthy pregnancy’, etc.


As SEO content writing beginners, we learn every day. At the end of the day, you still have to know how many clicks and views have your content received and how you are faring against your competitors. If you are able to convert the visitors to customers, then you have done your job efficiently. Remember, Quality content translates into higher revenues for online businesses. So go ahead and give it a shot. Put your thinking cap on, use the above content writing tips and weave magic with your words.





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