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With new age brands involving more and more of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, business strategies and target audiences have co-evolved accordingly.  Today, the revenue generated on Instagram through likes, comments and shares hugely surpass that of other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

While it might be a little tricky for a business strategy to smartly evolve with the target audiences on Instagram, it would be helpful to know how to create engaging content on Instagram and build a solid presence n the social media market.

Here are 7 things you must know to have a solid Instagram content strategy.

1. Create Engaging Content Through Various Aids

The most frequently asked question is “What is content on Instagram?

Well, it is the story you tell your audience to convince them about the credibility of your brand. It is really important to know how to present your content in an engaging manner. A visual content with a gripping story to nudge the mind is very crucial. With more and more brands in the market, you must have a unique story to boast and a proper way to capture the attention of an average buyer.

2. Post Frequently

Post Frequently
Post Frequently

Most experts suggest a limited posting frequency for Content marketing through Instagram, but it is essential to figure out the demands and activities of your users and post accordingly. With relevant tools, you can find out the most suitable time and hour for your users.

Keep posting engaging content throughout the day. The need to make your brand’s presence felt is imperative. But regardless of this, you also need to know when to draw the line. Since it is different for each brand, you can only figure it out by careful analysis.

3. Create A Brand Theme

Create A Brand ThemeTake a cue from larger brands and observe how they create an illusion of a brand vibe. Post edited pictures of a relevant brand theme that goes well with all your posts. It is pointless to have a lot of pictures of mere objects or discounts and information regarding your brand. You can also keep up with the fine social media trend of creating audiovisual illustrations, promising a good life, and a refined living standard.

4. Use SEO To Crack The Code 

Use SEO to crack the code

SEO is an unmistakable tool for effective Instagram content marketing. Customize your Instagram handle according to the field your business operates in. Your account name is also important and is actually the one that Instagram searches against. So, if your content does not match with the handle or account name, your posts might not show up at all.

5. Find The Right Hashtags

Just like an engaging caption on your photos, there must be a stream of relevant hashtags. These are links that come up in searches and lets your post be brought up to the right user. Find The Right HashtagsIf you do not keep up with the hashtag race you will fall behind, even if you have engaging content and captions that are really meaningful.

Having said this, you might not want to put a lot of popular hashtags, instead put a selective few. This will bring a bunch of targeted people to your posts that will actually make the difference.

6. Follow Relevant Users

Keep following more pages related to your industry. Also, you must care to keep up with the content your users post. You can use them relevantly in your posts and thus create more engaging, real-time content that your followers find absolutely relatable. You can start following prominent influencers in your field, thereby building high credibility of your online profile.

7. Know Your Audiences & Build A Loyal TeamKnow Your Audiences & Build A Loyal Team

Obviously, it is better to have a loyal, close-knit group of followers than an endless stream of floating customers who do not really contribute to your sales. Know whom you are targeting and what the requirement is. When you continue to post relevant content frequently, your audiences are bound to grow.

However, there are certain content marketing Instagram tips that you need to keep in mind, to avoid being just another name that loses and fades out in the race.

  • Avoid bulk posting. Nobody has that patience to go through a bunch of uncaptioned photos and still keep looking for more.
  • Do not keep operating on your own without real-time interactions with your users. As people see more of you, they are convinced of your trustworthiness and have the feeling of an action which results in a loyal follower.


It is needless to say that Instagram is here to stay, and building a strong and effective Instagram content strategy is the best way to engage your audience.

So make sure you follow these 7 things, and you might never need to wonder again about “How can I use Instagram for content marketing” successfully.

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