How to write content that people love to read and share:

According to Curata, the top three blogging success metrics today are time spent on page, page views and shares/likes on a particular post. This should give you an idea of how important it is to create content that is not only engaging but also encourages readers to share it to their own social media profiles. Social media shares are a great way of promoting organic traffic to your website as well as creating brand awareness for your company or blog.

Here we list down 10 tips that will help you write content that people love to read and share:

1.Choose with care:

With the huge amount of articles populating the internet, it is very important for you to base your own article on a niche topic for it to stand out. Narrow down your focus as much as possible, so that you give your readers useful information on a topic that they aren’t likely to find anywhere else. Take for example this very article- although it talks about how to write good content, it’s niche is writing content that people will share on different social media platforms. When you fix on a niche, it becomes easier to reach your maximum number of readers who are really interested in your content, instead of becoming lost in an ocean of content on the same general topic.


Research also plays a very important role before and after you choose a topic. Before choosing, research the different topics and articles with high engagements in recent times. You can then either write on one of these topics or something closely related to these. Newly trending topics may not have a very high saturation of articles, and if they do, remember point number one- choose your niche out of the generic topic. Google Alerts, StumbleUpon, Feedly, Reddit, and BuzzSumo are some of the tools that you can use to find out the trending topics. Another benefit of this is that articles on trending topics are readily shared by readers on their social media accounts. After choosing the topic, research all related articles on the internet- this will give you an idea of what information has already been covered and what can you add to it.

3.Add Originality:

A fool-proof way of making an article unique is by adding your own experiences to it. Your experience and your opinion are what will add individuality and uniqueness to your content and help you put something original on the internet that no one else has. Some of the ways of doing this could be:

  • Give your opinion:

Whether it’s about a new viral challenge, a new technology, a product launch, or just about anything. Along with sharing information as per your selected niche, also add your own opinion about that topic and explain in brief why you feel so. It ads originality and a personal touch, which makes your content more relatable for your audiences and also improves the possibility of it getting shared.

  • Solve a problem:

Another way of addressing a topic is by giving solutions to problems related to that issue. Most of the ‘How To’ and ‘Ultimate Guide To’ blogs are basically solutions that individuals are providing regarding certain topics. They give you an innovative angle to present your content and also add individuality to it. You could also add a tutorial video to your content when applicable and make things clearer for your audience. According to SmallBizTrends, social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and texts combined which increases your chances of getting your content shared.

4.Give a Good structure:

Let me put it this way: when eating pizza, we first cut it into slices and then eat smaller bites out of every individual slice. This makes it so much easier to eat it than if we were to try and shove the entire pie into our mouth at once. Same is the case when structuring content. First putting it under subheadings and later into lists makes it that much easier for readers to consume the information you’re giving them. According to NewsCred Insights, the average individual spends only 37 seconds reading a blog post. This makes it inevitable for writers to organize their content such that it’s easy to read and gives great takeaways even if the reader just scans through it. For a good writer, you must be a good reader first having the ability to identify bad content easily. Keep the structure clear and clutter-free with plenty of white space. This improves readability and thereby increases the chances of content getting shared.

5.Be Candid:

Most social media platforms are used by individuals to give their frank opinions and thoughts in an unrestricted manner. So it is important for this casualness to also be reflected in the content you create with social media sharing as a focus. It is also a good idea to include some humor and emotion in your content as and when required. This makes it less formal and more fun to read. You could also add trending memes to your article to make it more entertaining. A word of warning though- informal content might not be suitable for all social media platforms, for example- LinkedIn- a platform where the majority of users are working professionals. So before sharing content on a platform, think carefully about its user base and audience.

6.Use Superior Quality Images, Videos, and Infographics:

Adding high-resolution visuals to your content instantly makes it more engaging and interesting. It creates a great user experience and encourages them to spend more time on your website. They are also a great way of conveying more information in less time and are easier to understand than simple text content. A great way of getting people to share your text content is by adding appropriate images and videos to it. Here are the 9 Best Video Marketing Tips which will make your content more engaging and interesting.

According to Mass Planner, Infographics are the most Liked and Shared content category on social media. Let’s take one example of following infographics  based on “10 Best Content Writing Tips For Beginners” for more understanding of effective infographic should be

10 Best SEO Content Writing Tips for Beginners [A Basic Guide]

7.Update your Content Regularly:

One of the ways in which digital media platforms differ from traditional media platforms is that the existing content can be updated regularly. If your blog is about current events or anything where information needs to be updated, you must do so promptly. It keeps your content relevant over time and makes it a reliable source of information for audiences, which is also a great way of building brand loyalty. According to research, 78% of bloggers who regularly update their content see better performances in their blogs.

8.Use a Strong Call to Action:

How to write good content


Sometimes the best way to get your readers to share your posts is simply by using a good call to action. Make sure that you include your social media widgets in your articles to make it easier for people to directly share your link to their profiles. You can try out positioning your CTA buttons in various locations on your page and see which work best for you. You can also experiment with different phrases; the main point is to encourage your readers to share the content.

9.Post Consistently:

According to HubSpot, Companies publishing 16+ blogs per month get almost 3.5 times more traffic as compared to companies posting 0-4 blogs monthly. Adding new blogs on a regular basis improves your visibility in front of your audience and keeps adding to your organic traffic. Also, if you provide new content regularly, chances are, your audience will also read and share your content regularly. This is also another way to encourage brand loyalty amongst readers.

10.Track your performance:

Once you have written and posted your content, it is also very important to track and understand how your audiences engage with it. Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, and Crazy Egg are some of the most common tools to track audience activity on your website. You can use various analytics tools to see the type of posts that work best for your audience and understand their preferences. This will give you a better understanding of the kind of content you should and should not be creating in the future. Although this step may not provide a large amount of data on new websites, it will definitely be very useful in the long run when it comes to creating engaging content.


So this was our list of methods to help you write content that people will love to read and share. If you have other tips for our readers, do leave a comment!




Author: Ruchi Yadav

Combining her two favorite things- writing and the internet, Ruchi is a freelance content writer at Content4brands always on the lookout for exciting content ideas. Alongside this, she is also a part-time literature student and a full-time meme appreciator.

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