LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media platform meant for cultivating professional network. With nearly half a billion users from two hundred countries, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the leader in connecting business owners with potential hires.

Why should you increase your LinkedIn followers?

Before moving on to how to increase LinkedIn Followers, it is important to understand WHY you need to increase your followers on LinkedIn.

  • Stronger B2B networking – A social media marketing report of 2015 says that LinkedIn has bettered Facebook as the best platform for B2B marketing. (source) It facilitates a stronger network for business connections.
  • Effective for recruiting new talents – For job seekers and providers, LinkedIn is mutually effective. On one single platform, both parties can get associated via common connections and fulfill their respective requirements.
  • Best for lead generation – Lead generation forms an integral role in marketing. It basically refers to garnering followers who might be interested in your products and services. Gathering the right leads is ideal for converting followers into loyal customers.  

How to increase Organic LinkedIn page followers?

The audience on LinkedIn is quite picky about who they follow. Until an account or a page gives them a definitive advantage, they don’t follow it. That is why getting followers on LinkedIn is considered to be a hard nut to crack.

Here are some of my tried and tested tricks on LinkedIn

  • How and Whom to Send Connections

Before connecting with every profile you find interesting, take your time to visit the profile first, in detail. If you find the profile relevant, send them a request to connect with you. The best way to initiate this is by adding a personalized message to your invitation.

A connect message appears right below the profile pic on LinkedIn

Do You Really Need to Personalize Your Invitation?

Oh Yes! I can’t stress it enough. LinkedIn is not a platform where the audience comes to pass their leisure time.

Everyone on LinkedIn is there for a reason. It may be job hunting, candidate profiling, latest industry trends or simply looking at what’s happening in the industry groups.

LinkedIn too recommends adding a note

The reason to be on LinkedIn is always professional and that is exactly why you need to approach a contact professionally, with a decent, clear and crisp message within 200 characters. (LinkedIn connection message is limited to 200 characters which is why you have to put your best foot forward)

A sample connection message
  • How to Reach Out to Relevant People Only

On LinkedIn, you can always send out requests to the people you know personally. While it is the easiest way to increase your organic followers, a word of caution here- LinkedIn is not a platform to add your relatives, friends, and family. Its a professional platform so it’s better to keep your personal contacts, if irrelevant, away from it.

Take help of the right side suggestion widget of LinkedIn. It comes in very handy when you are looking for relevant profiles to send connections to.

The “People Also Viewed” Section of LinkedIn

Also, there is no harm in sending requests to people you have met professionally in past events, such as a conference or a trade show. It is a great way of business networking. If you have their visiting cards, now is the time to search them on LinkedIn, send a personal message reminding them of your acquaintance, and connect.

  • What Kind of Content Should You Post on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn audience loves videos. If you can post engaging videos on LinkedIn, nothing can beat that in terms of solid engagement. But if posting videos regularly aren’t possible, then too, you can easily conquer LinkedIn through engaging blogs.

Blogs perform best on LinkedIn when they are of at least 2000+ words. don’t just write anything, make sure each word in your content deserves to be there. Write a good blog and rest assured half the battle is won.

Once in a while, add polls as a part of your content. Ask for opinions on trending issues and give them a compelling reason to think and answer. Not only are they engaging, polls also assures you of higher reach.

A LinkedIn Poll Sample

The moment one of your followers “Like” your post, their connections can also see your post in their news feed. If you post interesting content regularly, it will attract others’ attention and inspire them to connect with you. This is the best organic way of increasing the number of followers on the LinkedIn company page.

  • How to Make Best Use of Images

Make your content visually appealing. While your content should have at least one image, including 8 or more images is considered to be a great way of enhancing the reach.

Effective Tips that always Work

  • Make your Title at least 50 characters long to encourage more and more audience to click on your content. Longer title posts receive better clicks overall.
  • Don’t write too many posts asking questions. Statistically, they are known to perform poorly.
  • Add bullet points to your posts.
  • Don’t overdo it. Make sure you create posts consistently but don’t flood them. It might adversely affect your content quality.

However, the real secret to How to increase LinkedIn Followers is continual effort and patience. You cannot expect anything to happen overnight, so keep moving ahead with a perfect plan and being positive!

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Author: Aanchal Iyer

A freelance digital marketer and content strategist with over 11 years of experience, Aanchal is also a trainer and forever in love with good content. The brain behind Content4brands and a performance manager for many companies, she aspires to keep enjoying her work, always.

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