How to Build High Quality Backlinks for SEO ?(in a Scalable Way)

How to Build High quality back links for SEO:

Everytime you log into Facebook, have you seen posts of different things that might have intrigued you. It would have a link that would direct you to their main website. You would click on the link out of curiosity and land up on their main webpage. But have you wondered, why are they posting these things on Facebook, when you can directly access their webpage via Google search?

It’s because they want to optimize the number of clicks for their website. Yes, something like SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Companies create humongous number of algorithms to make sure that their websites comes right up the page when Googled. And backlinks play a key role in the ranking of a webpage.

Here’s an example of a backlink:

High quality backlinks


But what really matters is not the number of backlinks, it’s the quality. Building high quality backlinks using only unimpeachable tactics can be very challenging in the online marketing sector. So how do you differentiate high quality backlinks and low quality backlinks?

High quality backlinks and low quality backlinks:

High Quality backlinks are those backlinks that originate from relevant high domain websites. If your site is getting linked from other organic sites, then naturally your website will tend to rank higher up. And that’s a good practice. So thumbs up on that!

Low Quality backlinks are those backlinks that stem from irrelevant spam websites. They may help your website to list right up, but you will soon come down crashing. Thanks to Google’s guidelines for website ranking.

Here are some components of Google’s ranking algorithm:

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for SEO ?(in a Scalable Way)


A lot of components mentioned here may seem unknown to you. So here’s a sneak-peak into what they actually mean:

  1. Trust / Authority of Host Domain – Domain authority is a metric which was created by Moz (SaaS company), for the purpose of rating a website on a scale of 1-100, (100 being the best and 1 being the worst). So the higher the domain authority of a website, the higher it’s ranking in search engines.
  2. Link popularity of a specific page – Link popularity refers to the number of backlinks that point to a particular website. These links are called incoming links
  3. Anchor text of external links to a page – Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. There are various types of anchor texts. For eg: branded, naked link, etc. You can click here to know more about anchor text
  4. On page key word usage –Key words and phrases in your web content should make it possible for people to find your site via search engines easily. It’s essential to know how people are looking for products/services/ information that you offer, in order to make it easy for them to find you. That’s where keyword research comes in.
  5. Registration + Hosting Data – Hosting relevant data on your website and linking it to other websites that share similar content drives traffic to your website and also boosts your ranking in Google search.
  6. Traffic & CTR DataClick-through rate (CTR) is an incredibly important concept in search engine marketing. Click-through rate simply means the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing your ad. And this is extremely critical to drive traffic to your main website to increase ranking in search engine
  7. Social Graph metrics –Brad Fitzpatrick, the creator of LiveJournal, and now an engineer at Google defines Social Graph as “the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related”. It’s all about how one site is connected to the other and their inter dependencies. Upward of 20% of traffic to many websites now arrives via shared link, and this traffic is extremely valuable. And you need to care about social graphs to drive traffic to your site

Now that you know and understand the importance of backlinks let us know more about link building. Link building helps in driving traffic to your website which in turn helps in ranking of the website.

Organic link building is a laborious process. But here are some strategies that will help you to do it well:

  1. Create high-quality content on your website
  2. Leverage your Network
  3. Utilize social media effectively
  4. Look for legitimate and relevant information
  5. Make linking to your website straightforward

Link building using the above strategies will also help in search engine optimization when you are new in the industry. The focus, no doubt, should be on high quality backlinks. This will definitely help in gaining traction to your website. As a new entrant into the market, it may be very tempting to link any website to yours to rank high on the search list. Before doing that, know what you are getting into and where you will end up. Your boss is watching you. (GOOGLE!)

On page SEO and Off page SEO:

High quality backlinks
How to Build High Quality Backlinks for SEO ?(in a Scalable Way)

High quality backlinks play major role in effective SEO.Backlinks helps in optimising search engine activities and create better brand presence and traffic.

High quality backlinks
Content Not Trending? Rock it With Hashtags


 How do you build quality backlinks for your website? Focus on the components that Google considers in ranking websites and apply the strategies that will help you in Organic link building.



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