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So you decide to put up a website or start a project that needs loads of content. What do you do? Either, you write it yourself, which is not possible for everyone. Although there are ways to learn how to blog when you’re not a writer but let’s admit, an expert content writer knows the pulse of the readers, and that’s what you want for your blog, right?

But then, how do you look for a content writer, unless you know what types of content writers you want? Each writer type has his or her own writing speciality and some have more than one speciality, and that’s a plus when you’ve got different kinds of projects going.

The way to finding the proper writer is understanding your requirements or needs and choosing the right type of writer for the job. Let’s get started.

Types Of Content Writers:

1.Do you need a Feature Writer?

A feature writer can bring a feature or story alive within a few paragraphs. Most feature writers specialise in writing for small columns, well accustomed to the limitation of space but more than capable of getting their audience’s attention despite it.Feature writing is a niche area; these writers write for newspapers, corporate newsletters, periodicals and the like. Hire a feature writer if you want short blogs, stories, satires, poems and small articles on lifestyle. Look for good vocabulary and the skill to weave a spell over the audience within 200-250 words.

2.Is an SEO Content Writer your requirement?

Types of content writer 1

If you’re looking for a content writer who can spin out generic content by the yard, look for an SEO writer. SEO content writing doesn’t require much creativity or journalistic experience. An SEO writer who knows how to cleverly wrap keywords and key phrases into content to facilitate site ranking is a boon. An SEO writer who can deliver content research along with different types of website content writing is a huge plus.

3.Lead Generation Writers/Conversion Rate optimization Writing is also a Thing!

Lead generation writers specialize in writing the sort of content that helps generate leads for their client’s business. They’re concerned with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at all times, and they carefully review every word they write for max visitor impact. They are focussed on driving action at all times and use their understanding of user psychology, data and data analytics to motivate action.

Lead generation writers are able for the following tasks:

  • Banner ads,
  • Landing pages,
  • Sales letters
  • Online pay per click (PPC)ads
  • Call to action

4.Writing Services by Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts can also be good content writers. These writers know exactly what the audience wants to read, and they deliver accordingly. Subject matter experts can save you a great deal of time; they can usually hit the road running, and tackle industry-specific topics with authority and unique, insightful angles. Look for a subject matter expert writer if you want to publish

  • Industry-specific blog posts,
  • Content series,
  • Detailed how to Content
  • EBooks,
  • Whitepapers
  • Link generating content
  • Executive briefs

 5.Content by a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers already have a built-in audience which they can leverage. It doesn’t matter whether the content is published on your site or the influencer’s site or social media accounts. The publicity will still be yours, magnified many times because the content will be in front of people who will share and maximize your brand recall because it’s been written by an influencer. Some social media influencers are niche-specific, which adds greater value to your brand.

6.How about a Business Writer?

A business writer is an expert on writing sales proposals, content for email newsletters, memos, concept papers, summaries, Request for Proposals (RFPs), Tenders and more. This is a very specific form of writing, where the writer specializes in communicating to various business audiences – decision makers, end customers, and other business owners. Business writers need to have an in-depth knowledge of business development, business analysis and how to present facts succinctly and precisely for decision makers who cannot afford to waste time reading through fluff.

7.Marketing / Communications Writer

A marketing or communications writer writes for email marketing campaigns, articles, blogs, marketing collateral, Press Releases, social media content, eBooks, newsletters, audio and video content and more. Marketing or communications writing is one of the more challenging forms of content writing. The writer has to do a good amount of Keyword research to find what kind of content customers want to read and how to get the customers to commit to an action.

8.Technical writer for Technical Writing

Types of content writer 2

Technical writers literally act as the bridge between complex technical concepts and audiences of various levels of comprehension, from end users to developers to systems analysts and so on. For the end user, they write clear instructions on how to use a particular product, dividing and categorizing content into bite-sized chunks, specific to the topic at hand, written in simple, easy-to-digest language. They have to master sequential thinking, and work according to style guides and processes. They have to learn how to divide content writing projects into categories based on who the audience is. They’re required to be very detail-oriented, efficient, methodical and thorough. Technical writers are used to write

  • Technical Guides,
  • How To’s,
  • Help Systems,
  • Reference Guides
  • FAQs
  • Instructions
  • Manuals
  • Host of other technical publications

  9.Advertising Copywriter for your Punchlines

Advertising copywriters are experts at condensing concepts down to short, to-the-point copy that can be used to serve as banner text, Ad copy, landing page , Call to Actions and much more. They’re skilled at squeezing the worth out of each word, making each word work twice as hard to convey a concept within a limited space. Whether you’re looking to advertise on billboards, print, TV or radio, you’ll need an Ad copy writer to deliver content that really speaks to the audience and motivates them into doing what you want them to do.

10.Ghost Writers- It’s a Real Thing

Ghost writers don’t need to have any specific subject matter expertise. They can be any kind of writer, but willing to write content that’ll be published under someone else’s name. Ghost writers can be used to write stories, novels, TV or radio show scripts, blogs, articles and much more. A ghost writer works in the background, gets paid but is never credited for the work done, even in the case of a successful TV show where someone else claims the credit for the script. Sometimes a ghost writer writes the major parts of a show while the main parts are handled by the actual named writer.

11. Legal Writers

Types of content writer 3

Legal writers need to have a good understand ding of the law in their particular country and province. They are uniquely qualified to write legal drafts, backing up assertions with citations from authority publications. They can be guided by lawyers, judges and paralegals, but the end product is always their own. Legal writers must be able to write in a very formal, authoritative language that is absolutely above reproach, because any wrong word or phrase can cause severe loss of face for the employer.

12.Social Media Content Writer

A social media content writer’s main job is to market a brand via social media. They are experts in writing content that prompts interaction, sharing and propagating information. They’re also skilled at writing according to various social media channels, faithfully adhering to the various mores and idiosyncrasies of Facebook, Twitter and other channels. They know where and how to apply links, questions, hashtags, polls, contests and how to titillate and motivate using provocative statements.. They have their pulse on social media, managing multi-touch content odysseys, linking and tying up discussions on the same subject on company websites, forums and social media channels to achieve higher distribution.

Types of content writer 4

Mobile SEO plays an important role for Social media content writers because the online world is going mobile! and everyone’s getting involved with popular trends .Google, Facebook, Twitter and all social media channels easily found on mobile web.


Before hiring a content writer, take a good look at the content deliverables you have in mind. Check if niche-expertise is required, or a generic content writer will do. Hire the right writer and you’ll be instrumental in achieving your goal.

Author: Aanchal Iyer

A freelance digital marketer and content strategist with over 11 years of experience, Aanchal is also a trainer and forever in love with good content. The brain behind Content4brands and a performance manager for many companies, she aspires to keep enjoying her work, always.

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