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Do you want to become a successful content writer? Or Do you want to learn the secrets of successful content writers? If yes, it’s time for you to play smart. Do successful content writers strive on just hard work, or there’s smart work also in the play? Learn the most well-kept secrets of successful content writers.Their tips and tricks for producing high quality content writing that makes them successful content writers.

Content writing is a dream job but certainly not for everyone. The market is full of ‘doable’ content writers. To become a successful content writer, you have to be more than just doable, you have to become a brand. Every content piece that has your name must be a refreshing and a compelling read. If you have ever read blogs of different types successful content writers you’d know what makes them the best. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet, the list below has 5 crucial points that are present in the posts of almost all successful writers. These are a sure shot way of improving your writing.

5 Secrets of Successful Content Writers:

 1.They Spend Time on the Titles  

Don’t be surprised. Successful content writers spend a lot of time on the title of their posts. Irrespective of how good your article’s body is, a bad title can ruin it even before the readers start reading it. Don’t just settle with a title that informs the reader about your article, take time and come up with an extraordinary title that persuades the reader to open your post. A title has to be catchy and should be able to predict the content inside. If your title has a keyword, it can help in search engine optimization.

2.They Do Their Research but Write Original

Successful Content Writers!
5 Secrets of Successful Content Writers!

Write what readers want to know. Everyone knows how a laptop works. An interesting post will be how to earn money from your home laptop. A catchy topic that is sure to catch a reader’s attention. It’s not always possible to write on a fresh topic, agreed! Even good writers research from the internet. But they write it with a fresh take that is their own. They infuse their own thoughts and creativity to give the content a fresh feel and that’s what makes them different.

3.They have their signature style

Anyone can copy a content, but it is extremely difficult to copy someone’s style of writing. Every successful content writing legend has his/her own writing style, own voice on the internet.Developing a unique style is not as complex as it sounds. If you’re taking inspiration from the content present online, jot down the points (in your own words) that you want to include and then write them using your own understanding and creativity.It takes time and a lot many copies of content to develop a unique style but it is important to keep writing.

4.They Never Use Complex Language

Irrespective of how great their vocabularies are, most successful content writes use easily understandable language and simple sentence formation for their content. Writing arduous jargons and expressing simple thoughts in complex language can take the interest off from your post.

Good content writers don’t use long sentences. Such sentences kill the readability quotient and often makes it difficult to understand for the reader. For e.g. Alena lived in a small house by the street and worked as a typist in a marketing firm that was pretty successful and dealt with clients from all over the world but gave her meager wages.” You wouldn’t want your readers to be exposed to such sentences. They are long, tedious and have too much information.

5.They Have Killer Endings

The conclusion of your post is as important as your introduction. Almost all posts written by content legends have a great ending. They either offer superb takeaways or leave you with deep thoughts for days and you can’t help but wait for their next post. A good conclusion is imperative to building readership, and a speciality of successful content writers. Avoid offering new information in the conclusion. It is to be done in the article body and not the ending. You may also try to add your personal opinion in the conclusion. It is a great way of connecting with your audience.


The above-mentioned pointers are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much that we can learn from good posts which leads us to the importance of reading. Read good content with the eye of a writer and take good points from it. Right from the title to the article body and the conclusion, each word must create a lasting impression in the reader’s mind.

Author: Aanchal Iyer

A freelance digital marketer and content strategist with over 11 years of experience, Aanchal is also a trainer and forever in love with good content. The brain behind Content4brands and a performance manager for many companies, she aspires to keep enjoying her work, always.

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